Anti-Slavery – in all its forms

Dr. Laura Mitchell, Lecturer in Management at KMS.

Today is Anti-Slavery day. You, like my students, may have thought that slavery was a thing of the past, but over 13,000 people are estimated to be in modern slavery in the UK today. Slavery was co…

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KMS Professor visits Audencia Business School

Professor Mihaela Kelemen from Keele Management School, Director of the Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre (CASIC), visited Audencia Business School in Nantes, France to talk about community-academia modes of collaboration and showcase the achievements and the aspirations of CASIC.

Prof. Mihaela Kelemen

Her talk was attended by over twenty academics and was followed by meetings with the Director of ResearchLab, the Director of the Institute for Pedagogical Innovation and the Director of the newly launched course on Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries, all of whom were keen to learn more about the cultural animation methodologies pursued by CASIC members.

She also gave an interview on the local radio about CASIC’s approach to knowledge
co-production and recent projects that exemplify the role of creative methodologies of engagement in the pursuit of rigorous academic knowledge that has practical relevance for communities.

CASIC, Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre
Visit the CASIC website for more details about the project.

Postgraduate Student and Staff Away Day

The 2016 away day for our new cohort of postgraduate students of Keele Management School (accompanied by their Programme Directors) recently took place in the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

After an introductory session on the entertainment industry and the organisation of the New Vic, students had the possibility of visiting the theatre behind the scenes, uncovering several interesting features as well as getting some anticipations on the forthcoming productions. The Q&A session helped students to gain a better understanding of the organisational issues associated with the production and delivery of entertainment in the form of theatrical representations, as well as the different sources of funding for charities such as the New Vic Theatre.

Keele Management School Postgraduate student and staff away day at the New Vic Theatre.

This was followed by morning and afternoon workshops in which students were invited to contribute to different projects aimed at enhancing different skills, such as critical thinking, working in groups and participating, which will be very useful for their academic and professional future.

The morning and afternoon sessions were separated by a working lunch, were students were asked once again to engage with each other, this time in an unstructured environment, aimed at getting to know/learn interesting facts about fellow students attending the different Master programmes within the School.

Keele Management School Postgraduate student and staff away day at the New Vic Theatre.

Student feedback on the day included comments from two MSc Accounting & Financial Management students: Feiran, a student from China said, “For the trip to the New Vic theatre, I learnt a lot from the manager who introduced their history and management. In China there are only some metropolises that have a theatre due to lack of effective management in small cities. Teamwork plays a significant role in modern management, this makes employees feel they work in a family rather than a company.

Fellow student Jamie said “I thought the away day provided a good insight to the qualities that a good manager should possess, in order to get the best out of, not just him/herself, but the employees they are in charge of.”

You can view a selection of photographs from the day by clicking here.

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