Wearing heels to work is a game women have been losing for decades

Professor Emma Bell’s latest article has just been published on The Conversation, commenting on last week’s media story about a receptionist who was sent home from work for not wearing high heels.

“When receptionist Nicola Thorp was told by her employer that she had to wear high heels to work, she pointed out that her male colleagues were not required to do so. When she refused to conform to the company’s dress code policy, she was sent home from her job without pay. The media got hold of the story, public outcry ensued and the firm at the centre of it has now changed its policy.

Unfortunately there is more at play here than an absurd dress code policy. There is a long and complicated history of women’s dress codes in the workplace – especially in the corporate world. Women are scrutinised far more than men for what they wear and high heels epitomise the lose-lose nature of getting the dress code right…”
Click here to read the full article.

Emma Bell is Professor of Management and Organisation Studies at Keele Management School.


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